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Target for chemicals Industry & Trade

Ethics and integrity are the surest path to sustainable and responsible growth. The Group's values and principles tell employees and clients what ABAZA Group is and how ABAZA Group acts.

Building on its scientific, technical and commercial expertise in Chemistry, and aware of its societal responsibilities, Target Chemicals provides innovative products and services to create sustainable and ever- increasing value to our customers, clients and employees.

Target Chemicals is an independent, ethical and responsible global trader company with a balanced portfolio of sustainable, profitable and growing businesses, managed in accordance with societal and environmental issues:

  • Amongst the world leaders in selected markets and products either alone or with sound complementary business partners
  • Valued by its customers as a highly competent, reliable and competitive solution provider
  • With a clear, motivating organization, through dialogue, developing and empowering people and teams through rewarding and challenging jobs
  • Acting as good corporate citizens, caring for the environment, health and safety of its employees and of the community at large
  • Open to the expectations of the outside world, and contributing to economic, societal and environmental progress.
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